Sunday, May 27, 2012

Forever Alone...

It’s been another 6 months since we have seen the Brown Bandit. I’ve heard rumors from different staff members that the Bandit has been caught. Within the next month I will conduct interviews with the security staff and housekeeping staff to gather more information and possibly more pictures. The rumors have suggested that there were many more attacks that were not documented in this blog.

While surfing the popular website I came across this photo:

While the Brown Bandit may be gone forever, others like him are still around. This picture gives me hope that this blog may still exist, even without the Bandit.
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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Back In Brown

The Brown Bandit has again graced us with his presence. In fact, he has visited us three times since I last updated the blog. He may have taken a seven month break, but he is making up for it now. His shits are bigger, badder, and more frequent. I’ve been following the Bandit for nearly a year now and I must say, I’ve never seen anything quite like what he has been leaving us lately. These dumps are monstrous! As much as I enjoy updating this blog, I feel the Bandit must be brought to justice. I have been working hard to devise a plan to capture this shit master. My first plan was to booby trap the bathroom, but that plan had a few flaws. My next plan was to create a sign to place on the bathroom door, enticing the Bandit to come to a specific location where I would be waiting with a net and a bat…possibly a taser gun. However, this plan had some error. So for now I’m still thinking of a master plan. I may end up having to go to upper management to convince them to allow me to place a tiny webcam inside the bathroom, which I would volunteer to monitor at all times. If you have an suggestions, please feel free to leave them in the comments. 
Rough draft of my sign


12/19/11 Stool is looking large and solid

1/8/12 Now this is a monster! Not sure why he covered the main masterpiece with toilet paper, but I'm pretty sure that beast was packed in and not dumped on site.

1/8/12 This little tater blobs were fresh.