Sunday, January 8, 2012

Back In Brown

The Brown Bandit has again graced us with his presence. In fact, he has visited us three times since I last updated the blog. He may have taken a seven month break, but he is making up for it now. His shits are bigger, badder, and more frequent. I’ve been following the Bandit for nearly a year now and I must say, I’ve never seen anything quite like what he has been leaving us lately. These dumps are monstrous! As much as I enjoy updating this blog, I feel the Bandit must be brought to justice. I have been working hard to devise a plan to capture this shit master. My first plan was to booby trap the bathroom, but that plan had a few flaws. My next plan was to create a sign to place on the bathroom door, enticing the Bandit to come to a specific location where I would be waiting with a net and a bat…possibly a taser gun. However, this plan had some error. So for now I’m still thinking of a master plan. I may end up having to go to upper management to convince them to allow me to place a tiny webcam inside the bathroom, which I would volunteer to monitor at all times. If you have an suggestions, please feel free to leave them in the comments. 
Rough draft of my sign


12/19/11 Stool is looking large and solid

1/8/12 Now this is a monster! Not sure why he covered the main masterpiece with toilet paper, but I'm pretty sure that beast was packed in and not dumped on site.

1/8/12 This little tater blobs were fresh.