Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Midnight Soiler Has Returned

It has been four weeks since we have been blessed with a visit from the Brown Bandit. Many of us were starting to wonder if he had finally been caught, or perhaps decided to leave our bathrooms alone. Many rumor have surfaced surrounding the disappearance. We have heard from one source that two homeless men are responsible for the atrocious behavior. Others say it could be an employee who knows the area. Certain staff members were talked to about the issue right before the four week dry spell. Regardless, much to our surprise the Bandit has struck again! This might be one of the most extreme cases of fecal vandalism I have ever seen.  
In this image you can see a possible footprint

True to the Bandits nature, toilet paper is tossed around the bathroom. As usual, the actual stool pile is behind the door.

This attack only furthers my suspicion that the Bandit is packing in his poo. This is an unbelievable about of shit to come from one sitting. Plus, I cannot imagine the splatter coming from someone in a squatting position. In conclusion, just as we thought the case of the Brown Bandit was going cold he raises from the dead with vengeance!

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