Friday, February 25, 2011


At times the work of the Brown Bandit is hard to determine. Accident do happen and distinguishing the differences can be difficult. Look at the following examples:
This is clearly the work of the Brown Bandit. As you can see there is fecal matter spread over a large area surrounding the toilet. There is also wads of soiled toilet paper and paper towel scattered around the room. This is clearly intentional and actually seems to one of the BB better days as far as solidity of the BMs are concerned. 

This image is more complicated and could possibly be an accident. As you can see there is shit in the toilet, but it also surround the outside and is partially on the lip. I could see someone suffering from explosive diarrhea just not making it in time and spilling on the floor. The raised toilet seat makes this seem intentional, but because these are unisex bathrooms it is entirely possible that a women ran into the bathroom and dropped her pants before realizing the toilet seat was up. We will never know if this was an accident or not, we can only speculate.

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