Thursday, February 24, 2011

Who is the Brown Bandit?

For over a year my co-workers and I have been tracking a deviant we have dubbed, "The Brown Bandit." It all started when we would occasionally come across a bathroom cloaked in fecal matter. Some of us found this particularly hilarious and started documenting the sightings with our camera phones.

I work in a large office building with quite a few single unisex bathrooms. Unfortunately the BB limits his/her defecation to these bathrooms, making it impossible to tell whether it is a her or she - although we speculate it is a male.

The Brown Bandit does not limit himself to the bathrooms. His distinctive mark has been found in parking structures around the building and even smeared down the handrail in a stairwell. As funny as it may seem to us, the housekeeping staff is stuck with the crappy duty of cleaning the mess up. It is because of this, that the hunt for The Brown Bandit must go on!

 Judging by the distance from the toilet, this is most likely a mark of the Bandit.

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